Having to sell your home is stressful enough. It can be made an even more stressful situation if you have foundation problems on top of that. If there’s one thing that will make a potential buyer run away, it’s needing slab repairs on a foundation. In a lot of cases, homeowners have had to drop their prices to sell their homes, or they go without offers at all. It might be that it’s best to invest in the foundation repair costs that it will take to shore up the base of the home and make it safe again. Here are some options to consider if you have chosen to take that path.

Check For Signs of Foundation Issues

It can be hard for a layman to know if there are problems with the foundation. There are some telltale signs that you can look for, however. Cracking is one of the clearest signs you can see. This cracking will be on the outside of the home at the base where the wall meets the ground. You may also have uneven floors, which is a sign that the slab has shifted. Your windows or doors might be uneven as well. These are just a few of the possible symptoms. It’s best to call a professional to examine your foundation and find out if there actually are issues.

slab repairsTips for Getting Someone to Help With Slab Repairs

Make sure that when looking for a reputable and reliable foundation contractor, you ask them a lot of questions. This means that you must do some reading up on the subject to make sure that you have sufficient knowledge to ask good questions. This will also help you understand what the contractors are saying they will do. You will not be taken in by unnecessary foundation repair costs.

Repair Time Frame

Are you in a rush to get your house sold? You might be in luck because, despite the fact that it involves the entire base of your home, it does not necessarily take a long time. Slab repairs can be finished in about a weeks’ time. However, there may be a delay in getting the work done if the contractors in San Antonio are booked up.

What About Insurance?

You might think that since you have insurance, your foundation issues will be covered. However, in all too many cases, insurance does not provide for regular foundation problems. Insurance will generally cover you for damages that result from a specific event, such as a storm that causes flooding, or an earthquake, or any other sudden disaster. You may be lucky to have the foresight to have that placed in your policy, but most insurance providers will not provide that coverage.

What Is the Cost for Foundation Repairs?

Your first thought might be that foundation repair costs are going to be through the roof. That can be frightening when you are trying to sell your home and buy a new one. Repair costs can vary wildly from a few hundred dollars to even $20-$30,000. On average, foundation repair costs are around $4000, so you will need to take that into consideration when calculating your home selling and buying budget.

Do not panic when you are selling your home if you think you have foundation problems. Call the experts at Arredondo to inspect your foundation for you and fix your issues reliably and affordably.

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