Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Foundation Repair in San Antonio

It’s heartbreaking for a San Antonio homeowner to move into a brand new house only to find that the foundation needs repair. Foundation repair can be expensive, as a foundation’s job is to support the vertical loads of the house and to transfer its load into the earth. If the foundation can’t do this job, then the house might not be habitable. 

One reason why a foundation might fail is because of great differences in the way the soil settles. Usually by the time a house is old the soil has already settled as much as it’s going to, though there may be exceptions. It’s a new home that’s most at risk for the foundation failing when the soil settles. Generally, a home shouldn’t be built on rich soil because when the soil dries out one part beneath the foundation can settle in a very different way from another. This is also a risk if the house is built on a steep hill. Clay soils are also considered very unstable and a house shouldn’t be built on them without special support.

A San Antonio home that might need foundation repair might show mortar joints that have deteriorated so much that they no longer work. Some of the joints may be full of holes or the mortar is so soft that it can be raked out. These joints also allow vermin to get into the house.

How Do You Know If Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Cracks are common in the walls of foundations and might not mean severe structural problems. However, every crack should be sealed to keep it from widening. Only a professional contractor like the Arredondo Group can really tell whether a crack is dangerous and that foundation repair is needed. Also, any wood supports in the foundation will need to be checked for rot and insects. Steel columns and beams, on the other hand, only need to be checked for corrosion or rust. Rust is usually a matter of aesthetics and can be fixed by scraping it away and painting over it. Beams in the foundation are sometimes notched at the top or bottom to make way for pipes. This reduces their strength and might make the floor above them sag. A high water table might make the foundation or the crawl space vulnerable to seepage. It’s important to find out why this water seepage is happening and where it’s coming from so that it can be properly fixed.

San Antonio homeowners who believe that their home is in need of foundation repair shouldn’t hesitate to call the professionals at the Arredondo Group.

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