House Foundation Repair Should Be Left to the Professionals

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A home’s foundation is typically a concrete slab at least 4- to 6-inches thick, along with rebar fitted within the slab to create flexibility and durability. The entire structure sits on this slab, which is supported by graded and compacted dirt, such as homes in San Antonio, Texas. Over time, the foundation may shift from natural wear and ground movement. Although a homeowner may be a smart do-it-yourself type, house foundation repair is best left to the experts. 

Common Symptoms That House Foundation Repair is Needed

Homeowners may not even know that they have a structural issue unless foundation repair companies tell them otherwise. However, there are certain key damage points inside the home that point to a shifting concrete slab. Examine the interior drywall for any cracks. These cracks often migrate from the floor to the ceiling. Floors may start to sag, especially if the home is equipped with hardwood or laminate flooring. 

Another house foundation repair indicator is window and door frame warping. Windows that used to shut easily must now be forced. Doors cannot close all the way because they are out of plumb. Contact foundation repair companies if any of these symptoms become a problem in the home. 

Avoid Patching 

Homeowners looking to save money may resort to patching cracks or replacing frames. Although this solution works temporarily, professional house foundation repair is still necessary. Concrete slabs continue to shift under the structure, causing more cracks and damage to occur. There may be another underlying cause creating a poor foundation environment, requiring foundation repair companies with expert backgrounds. 

Possible Causes 

Water is one of the most destructive substances to home foundations. Similar to carving rivers into rock, misdirected water near or under the foundation causes soil to erode away. Although the ground was prepared before pouring the foundation, years of water runoff from poorly positioned rain gutters forces soil away from the structure. The concrete has nowhere to go but down into the ground divots. 

Expansion and contraction are another threat to foundations. If an area is particularly vulnerable to freezes, moisture within the soil expands and contracts as temperatures cool and warm. If this motion is extreme, foundations slowly break down, causing telltale damage to walls and indoor frames. 

By hiring professional house foundation repair experts, homeowners have the peace-of-mind of a thorough inspection and plan formation. Each structure is unique, requiring different foundation strategies to achieve a long-term effect. Depending on the repair, homeowners may be offered a lifetime warranty, ensuring that the professional’s work is stable and strong. Contact a local San Antonio professional today to preserve the home’s foundation. 

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