If you have been in the San Antonio area for a length of time you know about foundation problems that have stricken this area.  When it comes to fixing cracked foundations, you have probably heard of the Arredondo Group.  This is a husband and wife family owned business that has evolved into a well known, trusted, and established pillar of the community.


This month marks 20 years of helping citizens with their San Antonio foundation repair.  Here is a time line summary of the company’s history.

I.  The Arredondo Group was started in June of 1991
-In the beginning Ernie and Carie Arredondo would repair homes that were in the process of being bought or sold.  Their only clients were real estate agents.

II. From 1991-1993
-Over the first 2 years of business, the projects grew in size and value. By 1993 they had their first big project in Bandera reconstructing the Bandera Dance Hall. They decided to open themselves up to the  general public and the smaller real estate repairs had blossomed into custom home construction and renovations.

III. 1994
-Their first custom home was under construction.

IV.  2000
-They were hearing advertisements on the radio by house leveling companies frightening homeowners into spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily to level their homes. Their philosophy became “if it’s not broke-don’t fix it”.

V.   2000-2010
– Over the past decade the philosophy of “if it’s not broke-don’t fix it” has served them and the community well.

VI.  Today
-Arredondo Group is licensed to perform repairs in 20 different cities. Their group has gone from a husband and wife team into 11 of the most hard working and dedicated people any company could hope for.

***Ernie Arredondo, PE, was an integral part of creating the guidelines for the American Society of Civil Engineers that is designed to work in the best interest of the client through proper business practices.

Here is a list of Who’s Who at the Arredondo Group:

Ernie G. Arredondo, P.E., Partner
Carie L. Arredondo, Partner
Laura Clements,  Office Assistant
Theresa Knox, Project Coordinator
Bo Rodriguez, Project Manager

Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life.  Since San Antonio foundation problems are increasing with the ongoing drought, doesn’t it make sense to have it assessed by a licensed engineer with a proven track record in this area?

Give the Arredondo Group a call at 210.645.6811 if you suspect a foundation problem and they will guide in the right direction and save the most money possible.

Thank you,

-Arredondo Group