Foundation Contractors in San Antonio

Foundation Contractors in San AntonioHomeowners may begin to look around for San Antonio foundation contractors when visible signs of foundation issues are present. These may include cracks in the foundation itself, a general feeling that the floor is sloping, cracks in the drywall or ceiling and other related issues. These are all signs that the foundation may be damaged and may require repairs. Because foundation issues can become more significant with time and can cause more pronounced damage to the structure of the home, finding a contractor for repair services seems critical. However, it is important that homeowners understand the difference between a contractor and an engineer. 

Foundation Contractors vs Engineers

Some companies that offer foundation repairs are contractors. These are professionals who are not certified or registered engineering professionals, and they are simply out to sell homeowners a service. In some cases, these may be services that are truly needed. In other cases, however, the services that are recommended may not be suitable for the problem that is affecting the home. 

Foundation engineers in San Antonio, on the other hand, are professionals who are trained and skilled in the area of structural engineering. These are knowledgeable experts in their field who can assess the actual issues that are affecting the home and who can provide recommendations regarding the best course of action. Arredondo Group is a foundation repair firm that includes a team of structural engineering professionals who are all registered with the State of Texas Board of Professional Engineers. 

Many homeowners want to know if they should call foundation contractors or engineers. They are often most concerned with the cost of repairs, but the fact is that contractors who are not professional engineers may not always provide the best results or the best price on the repairs. Furthermore, when the wrong services and techniques are used to correct a foundation issue, the issue may not be repaired in the best way possible. This can lead to additional repair issues or more pronounced issues over the years. 

Because of this, San Antonio area residents who are in need of foundation repairs should avoid working with foundation contractors and should instead seek the professional advice and guidance of an engineering team. Arredondo Group can provide local residents with a free estimate on repairs needed, and its team of engineers can answer any questions homeowners have about the repair process needed for their home. Contacting Arredondo Group today is the first step to take to ensure that the right repair services are used and that the repairs are done with care and expertise for lasting results. 

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