As we san antonio foundation repairendure this eight month dry spell which is the harshest in our state’s modern history, there are more things than dead lawns and poor crops to contend with.   As the soil around our homes gets drier and drier, it looses it’s ability to support our home’s foundation as it once had. 

If you don’t take proper precautions in this extreme drought, your home and wallet could be the next casualty right behind the Texas Farmers. 

Foundation repair San Antonio is at an all time high, so we wanted to give you some basic tips to help prevent major foundation repair on your home.

Yes we are a foundation repair company, but we are always in the corner of the home owner and are actually trying to help you NOT have to call us for repairs

Listen to Ernie Arredondo, PE, give you some basic tips on how to lower your chance for foundation repair San Antonio

If you suspect a foundation problem on your home, it is always less costly to get it checked out sooner vs. later.  With that being said, we will provide a FREE foundation assessment by one of our licensed engineers at no cost to you, so give us a call at 210.645.6811.

Costly foundation repair San Antonio can be minimized if you know what to do, so stay tuned for more tips from Ernie.  In the meantime you can grab a FREE Consumer tips report by entering in your contact information on this website and we will send it to you at no obligation.

Looking out for all home owners,


-Arredondo Group