San Antonio house leveling is something that you may need to schedule an assessment for and find out if this is something that is needed for the long term stability of your home.  Foundation problems do not have to be a nightmare for a home owner and leveling may be necessary to ensure that you have no problems in the future.

The first thing you want to do is obtain an estimate for any work that needs to be done on your home.  This can prepare you for the financial obligation that may come with leveling of your foundation.  An estimate will also detail the problems with your foundation and you will have a better understanding of the exact problems that have occurred with your foundation.  The licensed engineers at the Arredondo Group can provide a FREE estimate to home owners.

If you are selling your home, an intense inspection may be required and you may not know where to find this type of inspector.  Contacting a foundation company, like the Arredondo Group, can help you to find an inspector and many foundation companies offer this type of service.  An inspection can show the strength or the weaknesses in the foundation and you can then know if a repair is required to pass the inspection.  This will need to be completed if you are planning to sell your home.

San Antonio house leveling is something that can be done to improve the integrity and the appearance of your home.  Cracks in the foundation can make your home look much older then what it actually is and with leveling, you will have a strong foundation that you can count on and hopefully repairs will not be necessary in the future.

Don’t forget that the longer a home owner waits to deal with a foundation problem, the costs of repair can grow exponentially.  At the Arredondo Group we also provide financing options to help you handle the repair now versus later.

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Ernie Arredondo, PE