Methods to Repairing Slab Foundations Yourself

The foundation of a home needs to be as strong as possible. It needs to hold everything up no matter what happens. While home foundations are extremely strong, they can still fail, and you could end up with a cracked foundation. Sometimes it happens because of extreme temperature changes, and sometimes it happens because the soil is too moist or too dry. Whatever the reason, if you have cracks in your foundation, then you should learn about repairing slab foundations. This doesn’t mean that all cracks are necessarily bad. Some smaller cracks could be caused by temperature changes or the normal action of the house settling. While repairing slab foundations is a job best left to professionals, it’s not a bad idea to understand how the process works. Here are some techniques for this type of repair.

The Mortar Method

The cracks in concrete are never just simple cracks. They are not simply an opening. Inside any crack, there will probably be small particles of concrete that have flaked off and fallen into the gap. To fix the crack using mortar, you must clear out those small particles. This can be done using a wire brush or another tool that can get in tight spaces. If you have purchased mortar, you can then mix it with 2 parts of sand to make a pasty substance. Apply water to the crack, and then apply the mortar. The water will prevent it from drying too fast. Using a trowel, push the mortal into the crack to fill in the gap. You need this patch to stay wet for approximately 2 days, so do not forget to apply the water.

Using Epoxy Resin

Sometimes for any number of reasons, the mortar does not properly adhere to the concrete. Or, the crack does not allow for water to enter. In these cases, you can use another option for your cracked foundation, such as epoxy resin. Epoxy works by being injected into the crack. The epoxy will then expand in the crack and fill it in, which will eliminate your problem.

Hydraulic Cement

Hydraulic cement works much in the same way as mortar. However, its consistency is closer to putty, which makes it very easy to work with. You can squeeze and manipulate the substance to make it easier to handle, and it gets pushed into the hole to fill it in. This method is very simple, which makes it a popular option.

Hire a Professional for Repairing Slab Foundations

This method doesn’t actually involve you doing any work, necessarily. The only work you need to do is pick up your phone or open your laptop and contact a professional to fix your cracked foundation. You may feel that you have the skills to fix a crack in your foundation, but the fact is, the foundation is the one thing you do not want to mess up. Sure, you might spend more for a professional, but at least you will have the peace of mind of knowing that it is done right. Repairing slab foundations is an important and potentially difficult job, and doing it yourself could lead to more problems if it is not done correctly. They will also make sure to take care of whatever was causing the problems in the first place. For professional foundation repair, you can trust, contact Arredondo in San Antonio today.

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