Signs you may eventually need foundation repair in San Antonio new homes 

Concrete foundations are the most typical type of foundation used for houses and commercial buildings in Texas. There is a reason why this versatile material is utilized in construction. A concrete foundation will typically last longer than most types of foundations. Most concrete foundation cracks are usually due to settlement and quite often purely a cosmetic concern.

It’s very common for a poured concrete foundation to present signs and symptoms of shrinkage within 28 days once the concrete has set. While this usually suggests that there aren’t any structural problems, be sure to monitor these cracks paying close attention to their width and length. If a crack looks like it’s bigger and wider, it’s a possible sign of a more serious underlying cause. A crack created by shrinkage usually has a discontinuous, meandering path.

Water leakage may require foundation repair in San Antonio

Another common blemish that can occur on a concrete foundation is often a crack that is referred to as a cold pour joint. This occurs due to a a time delay between pours of the concrete. One layer of concrete may have already set while the second pouring is being set up. This does not indicate that you will have structural problems, but it will allow for water leakage, which could then result in future problems that may lead you to have to experience a foundation repair in San Antonio. Overall it may be chiefly cosmetic.

foundation repair in San Antonio Sometimes poorly repaired and poorly sealed openings that may have been left for piping or electrical lines, allows water leakage, that may turn into a big problem. Another means for water to seep in is throughout the concrete form ties. Form ties are used for a poured concrete foundation in order to avoid the wall from bulging as the concrete is being poured. Again, this problem may become a greater issue if left in this state of repair.

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