san antonio foundation repair companiesTalk about feast or famine. San Antonio foundation repair companies are inundated with extra work because of the drought.

The extreme lack of rainfall means the Texas soil is parched and moving.
"What happens is the ground shrinks like a big sponge," Arredondo explains. "The longer it goes being dry, the more it shrinks."

Ernie Arredondo, engineer and owner of the Arredondo Group, has seen his crews' workload double since last summer.

While large cracks generally signify a foundation issue, not all cracks mean a big repair. That's where an engineer's assessment can pay.  The Arredondo Group has plenty of licensed engineers ready to give you an accurate estimate.

With a lack of ground support, walls begin to sag, causing drywall, sheet rock and even exterior brick to crack, Arredondo said.
Homeowners can look for early signs of problems with a foundation.

"You're going to get doors that start sticking," he said. "You're going to get cracks at the windows at 45 degrees."

"There's also cracks just from shrinkage of construction materials," Arredondo said. "When seeing cracks, it's not always attributed to the foundation."

To prevent major foundation issues, the key is moisture.

Arredondo recommends watering the foundation with a garden hose and cover a swath six feet outward from the edge of the slab. Water restrictions can make watering a foundation tricky and it can run up the water bill, but foundation repairs can run several thousand dollars.  There are foundation repair financing options if you know where to look.

Advocates recommend homeowners get two to three estimates and do due diligence because foundation repair contractors are not licensed by the state of Texas.  However, Arredondo Group staffs multiple licensed engineers by the state of Texas to properly asses your foundation problems accurately.  Most San Antonio foundation repair companies do not staff licensed engineers. 

They can be reached at 210.645.6811.

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