Foundation Repair Companies/Cracked Foundation Repair The signs of a cracked foundation can be subtle, at least at first. The homeowner might notice hairline cracks in the wall of the house that get larger over time. The crack may or may not leak, but if it does leak, this is an indication that the drainage system is also failing. The floor of the slab or the crawlspace may be wet. The homeowner might also notice exterior cracks around the foundation. If the foundation is made of mortar instead of concrete, the signs of a cracked foundation can be cracks that are stepped along the joints in the mortar and form a sort of ziggurat. It can also be a vertical crack that runs along the mortar and over the bricks. Doors and windows may also stick. All of these are signs that cracked foundation repair is in order. 

Foundation Repair Companies Provide Options for Repair

Fortunately, foundation repair companies, like The Arredondo Group in San Antonio, are experts at cracked foundation repair. Using the latest technologies, professionals can determine whether a crack in a wall is relatively harmless or whether a building needs extensive cracked foundation repair. Some cracks need only an application of epoxy putty to clear up a problem. A floor with wet spots can be repaired by installing a vapor barrier. Sometimes, a problem that appears to have originated in the foundation actually did not start there at all. Problems in the foundation can be the result of water not being properly diverted from rain spouts. Sometimes, a splash block is all that is needed to solve this problem. 

The Arredondo Group – A Leader of the Foundation Repair Companies

As the leader of the foundation repair companies in San Antonio, the Arredondo Group’s engineers are licensed, fully insured and have decades of experience between them when it comes to foundation repair. They are pleased to answer the questions of their customers in terms that can be more easily understood and to explain their techniques. They inform the customer as to the materials to be used and the length of time the job will require to be completed. A large foundation repair job can be a bit disruptive to the household, so a customer deserves to know what to expect. 

Along with a written contract that details the work to be done, the Arredondo Group also offers their customers a free estimate. Unlike some foundation repair companies in the area, the Arredondo Group can help a customer with financing. 

Homeowners who believe they have a problem with a cracked foundation, or a foundation that’s settling unevenly, should not hesitate to give the Arredondo Group a call for a consultation.

We will be happy to provide you with an inspection and estimate for your slab repair, and all the information you need on Foundation Repair Companies, so call us at 210-645-6811