slab foundation repair

It is important that San Antonio homeowners stay alert when it comes to potential issues with their homes. For example, obvious cracks on the exterior part of your home could be a sign of a larger problem. One issue that San Antonio homeowners should constantly be aware of is the need for slab foundation repair. There are signs that your home may need the services of a professional cracked foundation repair organization.


Cracks in the Walls

If your San Antonio home is in need of slab foundation repair, then you will start to see cracks in your walls near the floors, and around the windows and doors. These cracks come from the shifting your house experiences when it is in need of cracked foundation repair, and they are a warning sign that should not be ignored.

Doors and Windows that are Difficult to Open and Close

When your home is in need of slab foundation repair, the window and door frames will start to shift slightly. Your windows and doors are sensitive to changes in their frames, which means that any minute shift will make it difficult for you to open and close your windows and doors. If you cannot find any obvious reason why your doors and windows are sticking, then you will have to bring in a cracked foundation repair organization to do a more thorough check.

Issues with Your Floors

A damaged slab foundation will start to cause issues with your floors such as cracking and developing uneven surfaces. If you have real tile floors, then you will notice the grout starting to come up as your cracked foundation causes your tile floors to shift.

Corner Gaps

Your walls can give you several indications that your slab foundation is in trouble. Aside from cracking, you will also notice gaps in the corners where your walls meet, this would indicate foundation issues. The gaps will widen as your foundation issues increase, so be sure to call in a professional contractor the moment you notice corner gaps.

You know your house better than anyone, and you are the one who will notice small changes that could indicate bigger problems. If you start to see any of these signs listed your slab foundation could be damaged, then it is important to contact a certified contractor for help immediately.

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