Are you one of those people that’s worried about getting their house leveling problems taken care of due to your perception of what an inconvenience it may be or the possible foundation repair costs?  These are common feelings shared by most, so your not alone.

“Even though this was a tough job, the Arredondo Group did not charge me extra and were very professional” says customer Michael Chase.  Michael is one of many satisfied customers that had extensive San Antonio foundation problems fixed correctly and within his budget.

This is generally the case when you hire a company that has been working on foundation home repair as licensed professional engineers & not as just contractors.   Your home is your biggest investment and foundation repair costs can be very pricey in some cases.   Make sure to check out our financing options to help you better handle this necessary investment for your home.

Listen further as actual client, Michael Chase, explains the rest of his foundation repair experience with the Arredondo Group.

The purpose of this update was to show you what customers are saying regarding their foundation home repair so you can have a better idea of what the experience would actually be like.  You never want to put off these types of repairs because the damage will only get worse over time which increases the foundation repair costs.

Get a first hand look behind the scenes on one of our more difficult jobs as Ernie Arredondo explains the foundation repair process step by step while actually being on-site at the job.

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Helping you be a more informed consumer,

Ernie Arredondo, PE