San Antonio Foundation Repair

San Antonio Foundation RepairAnyone in the market for San Antonio foundation repair for their home or office should consider using the Arredondo Group for the work. The Arredondo Group is a business that hires professional engineers to perform the calculations and prepare the plans for foundation repairs around the city.

Engineers are required to operate at a high level of ethical integrity and qualifications whenever they perform work within the state of Texas. Engineers are charged with protecting the health and welfare of the public with all of their projects. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has established professional guidelines and ethics for all civil engineers performing work in Texas.

These guidelines include requirements that require all evaluation and repair of structures within the state to be performed by a professional engineer that is licensed in Texas. The individual that is responsible for structural work is required to apply scientific and engineering education, training, knowledge, skill, and experience to all of their projects to ensure they protect their client and the public at large. Any engineer that is not competent in the area in which they are performing work must retain help from another engineer that meets the qualifications listed above.

Additionally, ASCE requires a high level of ethical behavior from all engineers that are performing work within Texas. Engineers must remain impartial and avoid conflicts of interest in order to maintain credibility of the evaluation and design of the structures they are working on. The Texas Engineering Practice Act has a sub chapter that covers the ethics of all engineers working in the state. The engineers must comply with these standards or face fines or suspension of their license.

San Antonio Foundation Repair must be done by professionals

Performing San Antonio foundation repair work can be very tricky due to the type of soils in the area and should be left to professional engineers to ensure it is done correctly. Many companies around the city have been performing poor work because they do not understand the correct way in which to repair the foundation. The Arredondo Group hires professional engineers for this reason. They have been trained and educated for the exact repairs that are needed by most houses in the area. Engineers have the resources and experience to call on others when a situation occurs that they are not familiar with rather than just performing the same type of repair and hoping it works. Anyone that wants a professional San Antonio foundation repair, should contact the Arredondo Group for that peace of mind.


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