House Leveling – Signs That There Are Problems


House Leveling in San Antonio


When a home has raised floors, giant wall cracks, and doors or windows that do not open and shut easily, these may be signs that the house needs leveling. In San Antonio, Texas, this can occur as the soil beneath the house expands or shrinks. While improper watering can often be at fault, nearby trees and shrubs can also dry out the soil and cause the house to tilt or fall. This is especially problematic during warm weather when trees are searching for additional sources of moisture. As winter approaches, heavy rain and improper drainage can also cause a house’s foundation to sink. 

The Arredondo Group offers House Leveling assessments for those who live in the San Antonio area. These services can help homeowners determine if their home needs to be leveled or repaired. Small cracks around the windows or sticking doors are often due to seasonal changes rather than severe structural damage. Hairline cracks can generally be repaired without having to resort to House Leveling, but larger cracks in cement floors, major soil erosion issues, and extensive termite damage require the services of a professional.

House Leveling Can Be A Major Expense

The foundation is one of the most important structures of a home. If the ground beneath that foundation is unstable, floors may begin to slope or tilt. This can affect and interfere with home remodeling projects, window replacements, and the safety of those who live in or visit the home. Foundation problems are not cosmetic. They are a clear sign that the home is not receiving adequate support. Ignoring the problems can lead to further damage to the plumbing and roofing. Although House Leveling can be a major expense, fixing a house’s foundation is not something homeowners should attempt to do themselves.

A home is a major investment and most do-it-yourself instructions are dangerous and can result in further damage to the home’s foundation and important structures. Using a professional San Antonio contractor can help maintain that investment and assure homeowners that repairs are always done correctly. The Arredondo Group uses a professional team. An expert is always the best choice because they have the extensive knowledge and skills to inspect the home’s foundation adequately, determine the best method to fix the problem, and leave the homeowner with a guarantee of a job well done.

Temporary fixes or do-it-yourself measures cannot fix severe repairs properly. Only a professional expert can check out the signs of House Leveling a San Antonio homeowner has and determine what needs to be done to adequately correct the problem.

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