When you are a 20 year old local foundation repair company in San Antonio Texas, word gets around.  If you have ever had a foundation problem with your home, you know how inconvenient and actually traumatic the experience can be.

House leveling in San Antonio, or anywhere, involves major changes in the interior and exterior of your home that can temporarily make your home uninhabitable.  At the same time foundation repair can very expensive to add to the stress.

The Arredondo Group, based in San Antonio Texas, is very aware of all of this and strives to make slab foundation repair as quick and painless as possible.  Due to the fact that the Arredondo Group only uses professionally registered engineers, this enables them to understand the most economical ways to complete a house leveling job at the lowest possible cost and inconvenience to the homeowner.  Not to mention they offer financing options to ease the financial stress as well.

Listen to an actual testimonial from one of the Arredondo Group’s clients first hand.

The Arredondo Group is well known for going above and beyond the call of duty with their clients.  Many times extra pier and beam fixtures are needed and the Arredondo Group has been known to work with the client to make these very affordable.  This company has the expertise from their experience and the fact that they are licensed engineers.

Since this is a family owned and not corporate owned company, they can go the extra mile to make sure the foundation repair is done correctly the FIRST time and at the lowest cost to you.

Don’t forget to give our office a call and get your FREE assessment on your foundation repair before committing with any foundation company.  As always the, we want you to be a more informed consumer, so put your contact information in form to the right to get your FREE consumer tips report emailed to you at no obligation.

Helping you be a more informed consumer,

Ernie Arredondo, PE