Cracked Foundation in San Antonio

Cracked Foundation in San AntonioMost local homeowners have heard nightmarish stories from other local homeowners about a cracked foundation San Antonio. In San Antonio, most foundations are a solid slab of concrete, and the concrete slab serves as the foundation for the entire structure of the home. However, a foundation may crack or break for a number of reasons. For example, as the ground underneath the home settles, the slab foundation may shift and crack. The weight of the home, flaws in the construction process and other factors may also result in a cracked foundation San Antonio. 

Repairing a foundation is generally difficult to do because of the subterranean location of this feature as well as because the structure rests on top of it. There are several methods of foundation repair that may be utilized, and the method used will depend on the severity of the foundation issue. It should be noted that foundation issues are often not detected by a homeowner in their early stages, so many homeowners in the San Antonio that do notice the need for foundation repairs will require significant repairs.

There May Be More Than Exterior Damage Due To Cracked Foundation

While the cost of repair for cracked foundation San Antonio may be significant, the foundation issue can result in additional damage inside the home as well as in the home’s exterior. For example, a cracked foundation may cause cracks and fissures in the exterior brick or stucco of the home. Damage is also common in the drywall, stairs, chimneys and other features. It should be noted that exterior cracks may allow pests and water to permeate into the home, and this can result in even more significant damage and higher repair costs.

While damage can occur in a home’s interior and exterior features for other reasons besides a cracked foundation San Antonio, all concerns about foundation issues should be investigated thoroughly by a foundation expert as soon as possible. Furthermore, cracks and other signs of damage that appear to be worsening over time should be investigated even if they have already been reviewed by a professional. All homeowners should be aware of the signs of foundation, and these include a tilted chimney, doors and windows that do not open and close easily, bowing walls, sinking floors and other related issues. Homeowners who have noticed these signs of foundation issues in their home, regardless of the severity of the signs, should call a foundation repair company for a home inspection immediately. Identifying and addressing these foundations issues early can minimize the cost of foundation repairs as well as the repair cost related to other areas of the home.

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