Foundation Repair Companies 


Foundation Repair Companies






A San Antonio homeowner who’s discovered that their foundation is in need of repair should, first of all, not panic. They will need a clear head to be able to chose the best of the foundation repair companies that they can afford. They will need the very best because the foundation of their home is just that: the foundation. If a damaged foundation is allowed to persist until it’s destroyed, there can be no house.

Searching for Foundation Repair Companies


The good news is that it will probably take a while before even a badly built foundation gets to that point. This gives the homeowner time to get foundation repair contractors. The homeowner can compile a list of companies from their friends or business colleagues, the real estate section of local newspapers, local contractors’ associations, material suppliers, and on-line. When they have a list of contractors they should call them and describe the problems they’re having with their foundation. The first thing they should learn is if the contractor is even interested in foundation repair work and if they are, do they regularly repair foundations? They should also ask if the contractor is licensed. If the contractor isn’t they should be crossed off the list. Then the homeowner should ask how long have the contractors been in business and if can they start the project when the homeowner wants it.

The homeowner should then arrange interviews to further discuss the problems with the foundation. Some foundation repair companies in San Antonio will send a representative to the home to check the foundation. The homeowner should also ask the contractor to show them foundation work that they’d already completed.

The Arredondo Group is one of the very best foundation repair companies in San Antonio. They have all the required insurances and licenses and know which permits are necessary to do foundation repair work on a home or business. They provide warranties for their work, as well as guarantees and warranties for equipment and material when it’s appropriate. They’ll give their customer a free estimate and will work out a written contract before any work on the foundation begins. The contract will detail who will be responsible for the removal of debris, where they can bring heavy equipment onto the property and where they can store it. They’ll also put in writing a start date and an end date, though the end date will probably be more of a target than a certainty!

The Arredondo Group will also keep the customer abreast on what’s being done to their foundation. The customer will be able to reach a representative of the company at any time of day or night in the event of an emergency.

The Arredondo Group, one of the topnotch foundation repair companies in San Antonio, is eager to serve its customers with the highest standards of workmanship and professionalism.

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