Cracked Foundation Shortcuts Do Not Exist.

cracked foundation, cracked foundation repairWhen San Antonio homeowners notice a crack along an exterior foundation, they may be tempted to just seal it with caulk. This knee-jerk reaction is a poor choice for any foundation. Cracked foundation repair professionals should be called immediately to evaluate the damage and its cause. Shortcuts don’t exist when it comes to a cracked foundation because there are serious underlying issues that may be at play.


Temporary Fixes Only Mask Cracked Foundation

Homeowners may notice windows and doors are suddenly too difficult to close. They may end up hiring an interior contractor to fix these improperly hung frames. However, it’s not the windows and doors that are to blame. Foundation problems cause the entire home to have leveling issues. Essentially, floors and walls aren’t square or plumb anymore. Door and window problems indicate a much larger issue. Cracks along interior walls are another indicator of foundation anomalies too. Homeowners shouldn’t rely on a constant application of caulk or sealants because the foundation will continue to break down until the real problem is solved.

Deep Soil Issues

When cracked foundation repair personnel evaluate a property, it’s often the soil that’s the main culprit. Clay soils in Texas expand and contract dramatically as the seasons change. This movement contributes to foundation cracks and abnormal settling. Contractors must alter the soil to reduce movement or add piers to the home as a support mechanism. All properties are unique, so repair processes will need to be customized to that location. Professionals can’t take shortcuts with their estimates or the foundation will fail quickly after the repair.

Poor Drainage Exacerbates Damage

Another little known fact about possible cracked foundation problems is simply poor property drainage. Homes use gutter systems to control rainfall and its flow into local sewers. If gutter systems aren’t maintained well or missing altogether, water flows uncontrollably to the soil directly by the foundation. This moisture finds its way under the foundation if rain continues to fall. In these cases, fixing the drainage problem and shoring up the foundation could be the perfect solutions. Contractors must look at the property to devise the right plan.

When cracked foundation repair processes are put off for a later date, the problem only becomes worse. Homeowners should ask several contractors for their opinions on the cracked foundation cause and possible solutions. Aside from the rooftop, the foundation is the most important element in a building envelope.

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