Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair/House Leveling


The foundation of a home may shift or settle for a variety of reasons, leaving the house in need of foundation repair. The signs that this is needed can be relatively easy to detect and often visible and obvious to the untrained eye. These are a few manifestations homeowners in San Antonio need to watch out for regarding their foundation. 

How Do You Know When Foundation Repair is Needed?

Floors that are uneven or sloping

In these cases, floors may dip close to walls or have general unevenness caused by cracking or settling. This is a sign that house leveling may be needed to correct where the foundation is no longer even.

Cracks in exterior/interior walls, plaster, brick, or molding

Cracked walls or brick may be the most visible sign of a sudden or gradual shift in the foundation of a home and one likely to lead homeowners to begin foundation repair. In exterior walls especially, this can lead to instability, but can be corrected.

Cracks in flooring, tiles, or the foundation itself

These have similar causes as the cracks that appear in walls, but many not necessarily result in the same attention. Instead of repeatedly replacing broken tiles, homeowners should consider the more long-lasting solution of house leveling and general foundation repair.

Rotated or bowed walls

Primarily seen in older homes, wall rotation and bowing generally begin quite subtly, becoming more extreme as the foundation continues to shift or settle. Over time, bowed walls may crack or fail. To prevent this, house leveling may be an appropriate remedy to relieve pressure on bowing walls.

Doors and windows do not open/close correctly

Many homeowners do not recognize this as a foundation-related issue, blaming damp weather instead; however, doors that stick or won’t remain closed are often an early indication of foundation issues. As the foundation moves, the door frame no longer remains square, causing difficulty. The same thing can happen to windows.

Walls pulling away from the house, including ceiling or floor

More than just cosmetic, when a wall pulls away from the house, it can lead to failure of the wall and catastrophic collapse. Even in a best case scenario, this could lead to major damage and repair efforts that might require months for completion. If the problem is caught early, less intensive repairs should solve the problem.

Overall, it is important for San Antonio homeowners to keep an eye on the condition of their home and be aware of the signs that foundation repair is needed. Many of these are easy to recognize, as long as the homeowner remains diligent and knows what to look for.

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