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Foundation Repair Companies/Cracked Foundation Repair


Foundation Repair Companies provide important services to homeowners in the San Antonio area. Finding the right one for you proves to be a difficult process, but there are some things to look for to ensure your success. It’s best to search for the types of methods used by each company in their efforts to fix your foundation. Once you are familiar with the different methods, cracked foundation repair becomes a totally different world for you. Consider these methods used by common foundation repair companies

Common Methods Used by Foundation Repair Companies

Epoxy Putty

Many homes in San Antonio have problems that can be fixed with epoxy putty. Epoxy putty is ideal for cracked foundation repair of more than a quarter of an inch wide. This method is ideal for repairing bricks and cement blocks. A private contractor can secure the foundation by injecting the epoxy putty into the cracks. This is one of the simplest and easiest solutions in foundation repair.

Unclogging Drains

Most foundations have special drains that direct water away from the foundation itself. If these drains become clogged, you will need to hire someone to unplug them. If the water builds up too close to the foundation, it will compromise it and begin to lead to cracks. There is too much at stake with the sturdiness of your foundation to allow clogged drains to spoil it.

Concrete Reinforcement

If water has damaged the foundation; it can be reinforced with concrete to prevent further damage. Foundation Repair Companies perform these methods all the time to help a house stay in place where it is supposed to stay. It only takes a few short hours to install concrete support systems to ensure the foundation doesn’t get washed out further. This is one process you’ll appreciate, as further problems are unlikely after a process such as this is used.


The walls on the inside of the foundation can be braced against erosion, cracks, and other forms of compromise. Cracked foundation repair can begin with wooden or metal braces that are secured to the walls. There is actually a new form of bracing that can be done quicker than metal and wooden bracing. It is also considered just as secure. Carbon-fiber mesh is applied to the walls by coating them with an invisible layer of epoxy. This is a new technique that many companies are currently perfecting. Try to find a company that offers this service, as you should be most satisfied with the results.

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