Slab Foundation Repair Deal-Breaker for Home Buyer?

slab foundation repair, foundation problemsHomebuyers are almost always looking for that turn-key property with the perfect price tag. In response, sellers want to make their home as attractive as possible in the San Antonio area. However, foundation problems could halt a potential sale. Although slab foundation repair is usually a deal-breaker for buyers, this property issue can be dealt with properly to ensure a solid sale for both parties.


Slab Foundation Repair Cost Consideration

The first issue that comes to mind with foundation problems is basic costs. Buyers may immediately see four or five cost digits in their mind as the term foundation issue comes to light. However, sellers need to have a way to prove the issues aren’t as bad as they might seem. A current estimate on pricing from a trusted local contractor is a valuable way to calm buyers’ minds and discuss real property bids without any issues.

Working Repair into Property Price

Even if a foundation calls for a relatively expensive repair, sellers can combat this amount by lowering the property price. If sellers reduce the property price by the slab foundation repair cost, buyers will have the funds necessary to repair the foundation themselves. They may even find a better deal with an alternative contractor, making the property more valuable afterward.

Making a Deal

Buyers may love the property, but they just don’t want to deal with foundation problems. Sellers can actually make a deal to fix the foundation with a guaranteed sale afterward. Both parties can sign an agreement on the stipulation that the foundation is fixed properly before any real estate transfer begins. This negotiation strategy helps both parties and the property itself with a strong sale in the future.

Gaining Confidence

Sellers could have the best contractors on the job to fix the foundation, but buyers still need to be convinced of its stability. Homeowners should hire a home inspector and invite buyers to watch the examination process. The expert can point out all the fixes and their potential lifespan, giving buyers incentive to purchase the property immediately after the inspection.

Don’t approach foundation problems with the idea of hiding them, but actually embrace them with proactive negotiation strategies. Slab foundation repair doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, so tackle the issue with smart negotiations and possible cost sharing between parties. Fixing a failing slab helps both buyer and seller with property transfers and overall real estate satisfaction.

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