Slab Repair Solution for Cracked and Sinking Concrete Floors

Underneath many bottom floors in San Antonio lies concrete. This concrete is there to permanently stabilize the floor and provide a solid foundation for the home. However, if the soil underneath the foundation shifts, then the floor could start to crack or sink, and you may end up needing slab repair. Some of the signs that you have a sinking concrete floor include cracks in the floor itself, walls that separate from the ceiling, and walls that separate from the floor. When you notice these signs, then it is definitely time to call in a professional for help. Here is one of the foundation repairs that can help solve the problem of sinking and cracked concrete floors.

A Slab Pier System

Using a slab pier system means providing additional support for the concrete slab that is failing. Since the building is off-balance, it will restore that balance and help get everything back on the same level.

slab repair


The foundation contractors will need to asses the extent and nature of the problem, and then strategize how they will go about the slab repair. They will ploy the points of the concrete that need support, and decide where to install the piers. Holes need to be drilled in the concrete in the spots where the piers will go. These are the access points for the piers.

Bracket Positioning

A bracket will be placed under the concrete slab to help the pier lift up the structure. This bracket will help distribute the weight evenly, and also allows for those access holes to be kept to a smaller size than you might think is necessary.

Steel Tubing

Foundation repairs always require heavy equipment and materials to work, since we are dealing with moving a lot of weight. Large steel tubes are the backbone of this entire process. Tubes installed into the bracket through the hole and into the soil. A hydraulic machine needs to achieve this. Galvanized steel is necessary so that the beams do not corrode over time.

Weight Transfer

The weight of the concrete slab and the structure it supports is incredible, and it takes a lot of power to shift it. That is where the bracket and steel do their work. The hydraulics will pull the concrete slab upwards to stop the sinking. Slab repair is always about getting everything level, and the contractor will make sure that the building is fully level at all corners before completing the procedure.

Fill the Gap Created From the Slab Repair

By leveling off the home, there will be a newly created gap underneath the slab where it had been sunken in. Not only that, but there was already space under there that caused the slab to sink in the first place and require the foundation repairs. The technician will inject grout to fill in the gap and leave permanent support in place.

Cleaning Up

After foundation repairs, the contractor should make sure to remove everything. Leaving your home looking the same way it did before they got there. That means they repair all the holes and clean up any debris that is left behind. Ideally, when they finish you should not even be able to tell they were there.

This is one of the most common slab repair techniques for concrete floors that are sinking or cracking. If you see some of the signs that your floor is in dangerous shape, then call the professionals at Arredondo right away for help.

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