Forty eight hours notice is what we need in order to guarantee an addition. You are welcome to request with shorter notice. If we are unable to meet your request, then we look for the next best available option. Once you have booked service, then that time is reserved for you. Additional services include add ons to already existing service. Examples include: if you wish to extend the duration of a service, or if you add an extra dog in home onto the service.


Short Notice Cancellation – No Charge
Twice each month you get a short notice cancellation free of charge. A short notice cancelation is one which, while less than the twenty four hours notice, you sent to us at least two hours prior to the earliest time of the window.

Short Notice CancellationAfter you have used up your two short notice cancellations free of charge per month, then it’s twenty four hours notice from the ideal time in order to avoid a discounted charge (which depends on the already scheduled service).

Forgot to Cancel
This is when we arrive but we don’t walk your dog because you forgot to cancel, or when you give less than two hours notice prior to the earliest time of the window, then the charge is discounted (which depends on the already scheduled service).


Our response is situational, dependent upon circumstances. If your dog shows symptoms of illness or injury, dog walkers are instructed to monitor until either it is determined to be safe to leave unattended, or someone else takes over (ie you or a vet). If necessary then we will seek the nearest vet, and keep you informed along the way. The dog walkers have a support network to help with the decision making process in such situations, as well as transport if necessary.


At end of visits, we let you know we were there. If you are home and available, then this is communicated in person. If you are not home and available, then we either leave a note behind or send you a text message.


9:00 am – 6:00 pm every day of the year excluding major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day).


This is the designated (by you) specific time that we aim for to arrive.


It does not cost anything to open an account, there is no deposit required (payment is due after service is rendered). Invoices are sent monthly. Due date is the fourth of each month following the month of invoice date. There is a five percent charge added monthly to overdue balances. We take credit cards, checks, and electronic payments.


Unless someone is home to let us in, or you leave your door unlocked, we need some way to get in. We like to have two ways to get in. For example, if you give us a key then we would like to have a second copy. If you give us a garage door code, then we would like a key as well (our experience is that sometimes the garage door doesn’t work). If you provide us with two sets of keys, then one would mostly stay with your primary walker and the other set would probably either stay with your backup walker, or maybe at our office or at a lock box (we have at a UPS Store). If you only provide us with one means of entry (only one set of keys or just a garage door code), then if we are unable to gain entry for some reason on a given day (including if your scheduled walker calls in sick morning of), then you are more likely to get a call from us to say we are unable to walk your dog unless you can figure some other way for us to get in.


We have a few managers who help with customer service, scheduling, and operations.


There is a minimum monthly usage requirement for eleven out of twelve months per calendar year. If you use less than $25 worth of service in a given month, then the difference is charged (if you only use our service twice a month then that would be enough to cover the minimum monthly usage requirement). You get one month off per calendar year.


Unless you set a limit, we use our discretion (dog walkers are trained to refrain from getting in over their ability).


We can put you in contact with the list of our walkers who provide pet sitting and overnight care, in your home and/or theirs, for you to coordinate directly with them. It might be that your primary person for dog walking is someone who also does overnight care.


Refers to the person who has been designated as your ongoing walker. You might be designated several primary walkers (for example you might have one primary walker for weekdays and another primary walker for weekends).


Makes your visit exclusive, so we don’t bring another dog along. If you have more than one dog in home, the private visit charge is in addition to the additional dog in home charge. Private visits can be imposed, if it’s that your dog is sick and contagious (for example).


We have walkers (we call “rovers”) hired to fill in for when primary walkers are unavailable.


Call (773) 732-3309, or email thepack@caninecare.com. Let us know ideal time, duration, and day. You can set an ongoing schedule, or add on an individual basis. While you are welcome to have a direct contact with your walker, we ask that scheduling (as well as general instructions and payments) go through management. Our management team delivers your general instructions and schedule to your walker.


We make an effort to keep separate your address from your keys and/or access codes, and to limit access. If you provide us a key, we use a random coding system in order to identify it. Unless instructed to do different, we intend to leave things the way we find them. This includes locks and security systems.


The visit begins once we step foot on your building’s property, and ends reciprocally as we step foot off your building’s property. Timing of each visit is indicated in our message left at end of each visit.


We will do our best to keep your dog from getting too stressed by anything, including weather conditions. By using common sense, and making an effort, we adjust to weather conditions. On cold days, we are happy to put apparel which might help to keep warm.


This is the time, around the ideal time, in which for us to arrive. We typically work with a two hour window. We reserve a one hour window for some customers (we don’t work with less than a one hour window of time in which to arrive).


If you like what you see and want to get started early, please feel free to start an application. This will save time at the initial interview and allow you to complete the application at your pace.