Foundation Repair Companies in San Antonio

Foundation Repair Companies in San Antonio/House Leveling TexasEveryone knows the word “foundation.” It speaks of something solid, grounded. It speaks of a basis. When your home’s foundation is uneven or cracked, though, it can rightfully seem as though your whole home is jeopardized. Foundation repair companies in San Antonio can often use various methods to repair your foundation before it’s too late. Whether you need house leveling because you live in Texas and have a few cracks, foundation repair companies San Antonio will have you covered. 

Small foundation cracks generally need an epoxy fix, which can be injected into them. It’s possible to do this as a DIY fix, but hiring a company that does house leveling for Texas residents can ensure that the job is properly done and can help prevent further damage to your foundation.

House Leveling Methods Used By Foundation Repair Companies in San Antonio

However, many people have more severely damaged foundations. Over time, some foundations can slip or become uneven. Foundation repair companies in San Antonio can install wall braces. These restrict foundation movement and therefore stop the house from sliding off the foundation – an important function. Wall braces come in various materials and are more traditional. A newer, still very effective method is the epoxy brace. This option is the least conspicuous. Walls are covered in epoxy strips and a carbon mesh is adhered to prevent motion. Wall anchors are rods placed outside the house. They are adjustable and help stop walls from continuing to move. This method may work especially well in San Antonio, as it works well even in houses with no basement.

House leveling Texas companies can also excavate and essentially re-install a foundation. This option has perhaps the best long-term efficacy, but it costs much more – usually around $35,000. That may seem like a highly expensive fix, but it pales in comparison to the cost of a new home. If you are unsure, a consult with a foundation repair company is always a safe bet. Your home is probably your most valuable asset, and you want to be sure you can preserve it for a long time.

If you live in San Antonio and suspect your foundation needs leveling, set up an appointment as soon as you can. Like human medical problems, housing issues tend to get worse over time and you don’t want to risk anything getting worse. Some pieces of missing foundation can be replaced for a few hundred dollars, and other breaks or unleveled foundations can cost much more if left neglected. If you are unsure of a quote, never be afraid to ask for a second opinion from other foundation repair companies in San Antonio.

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