foundation problems

The Undeniable Truth About Foundation Problems

Buying a home is an important milestone for anyone, including the residents of San Antonio. After buying a home, there are a variety of maintenance steps required to keep your home in its best condition, unfortunately, many people are unaware of the attention required to maintain the foundation. The foundation of your home impacts almost every structural and architectural element, so if there are foundation problems, the damage may eventually trickle up through the entire house.

Signs of Foundation Problems

There are a number of signs that you have foundation problems. In many situations, if the home has serious damages to the foundation, house leveling by a professional is necessary in order to protect the structure of the home. Signs of foundation problems may include:

• Cracks in the foundation floor and/or walls
• Popped drywall nails
• Uneven and/or sloping floors
• Sticking windows and/or doors
• Cracks in ceiling or walls drywall
• Windows out of square
• Cracks in masonry
• Cracks in masonry Gaps between doors, bricks and windows
• Gaps between the house and the chimney
• Gaps between the walls and ceilings and/or walls and floors

Sinking Foundation

One of the most common reasons for house leveling in San Antonio is a sinking foundation. Repairs and/or house leveling due to sinking foundations is actually a fairly common problem. Foundations may sink because of changes in soil conditions, hydro static pressure and a variety of other environmental stresses on the foundation.

Problems with the foundation are more than cosmetic annoyances. For example, cracks in your interior walls can significantly reduce the value of your home and cracks in the exterior bricks allow moisture to seep in, which causes damage to the insulation, sheathing and interior walls. If there are cracks around the doors and windows, it can result in higher costs to heat and cool your home. The best way to prevent expensive repairs is to be aware of potential problems and have them fixed as soon as possible. If you suspect a problem with the foundation, you should contact a contractor experienced with foundations to discuss house leveling, which can often help you avoid a complete foundation replacement.

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