Foundation Repair Prevention Tips During Cooler Weather

Inspect a Building’s Foundation Frequently

Foundation Repair, Cracked FoundationAnyone requiring foundation repair for a building in San Antonio should contact the Arredondo Group for professional assistance. While a cracked foundation can occur for many reasons, cooler temperatures are often the cause of damage. Without immediate attention from experts, structural damage to the underlying areas of a building can lead to severe problems. Property owners may notice that a floor in a building is not level when something begins to roll on tiles without being touched. Homeowners should also inspect for fine lines appearing in drywall on the corners of walls in each room.

Protect Buildings during Inclement Weather

Fortunately, there are several things that property owners can do to avoid needing a foundation repair for a building due to damage from cold weather. While freezing temperatures in Texas seldom occur, the changing climate has led to southern states experiencing inclement weather that requires fast thinking by homeowners to protect a property from receiving damage. Every homeowner should prepare a list of things to do to protect a home when temperatures drop quickly in the autumn and winter.

Foundation Repair Avoided by Removing Moisture

Excessive moisture is one of the most common causes of a cracked foundation under a building. Moisture can enter foundations gradually due to rainstorms or underground water sources. Alternatively, a disaster such as a flood from a broken sewer line or nearby river can fill the ground level of home with water, leading to a cracked foundation. Having an enormous amount of moisture settling on a building’s foundation in cooler temperatures causes additional problems as the water may freeze and expand causing crevices to become larger.

Make Sure a Building has Adequate Heating

While there is little a San Antonio homeowner can do to prevent a natural disaster such as a flood, knowing what to do immediately afterwards can avoid needing an expensive foundation repair. Removing water with sump pumps after a flooding incident is vital to get damaging moisture away from surfaces to prevent it from freezing. Adding heat to a building to raise the temperature near the foundation is another way to help the surfaces last longer. Many buildings have vents that property owners must open during cooler temperatures to allow air to circulate properly.

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