Cracked Foundation Repair? Top 3 Options for Homeowners.

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Foundations crack over time. This is common in both older and newer homes. Homes located in dry climates or warm areas like San Antonio are very much at risk for cracked foundation problems. In discussing some of the most common foundation repair issues that San Antonio homeowners encounter, it is first important to understand why cracks occur. 

Overview of Foundations

A foundation is held together with steel and concrete. Cracks in the foundation often start off very small and gradually grow depending on the reason for the crack. One of the worst assumptions to make is to believe that all foundation cracks are exactly the same. The most common reason cracks occur is due to soil expanding and contracting.

Different Types of Cracks

Vertical cracks result from the foundation settling overtime. Vertical cracks may result from the concrete shrinking. This type of crack may be very smooth to the touch and even. The horizontal foundation cracks stem from soil pressure. This is a more difficult type of cracked foundation repair project to complete. Horizontal cracks occur because of poor drainage.

Cracks can be easily inspected to determine which foundation repair will work for the property. Hairline, stair-stepped, horizontal and vertical cracks are all thoroughly inspected. Depending on the root causes, these three popular cracked foundation repair options may be recommended for your San Antonio home.

Cracked Foundation Repair Options

Patches and sealants-Cracks that occur as a result of shrinkage can be repaired by caulking. They can also be filled with a substance, such as, hydraulic cement. This prevents water from penetrating the foundation.

Slabjacking-Cracks caused by sub-surface erosion and shrinkage can be addressed with slabjacking. Holes are drilled into the slabs of the foundation and a mixture is added. The landscaping is preserved and the entire process is complete in hours.

Soil modification-Soil modification stabilizes the soil so that it can handle the foundation’s weight. This can correct a sinking foundation, and is done to avoid intricate processes that may require underpinning or other deep foundation work.

Common cracked foundation repair options may involve installing anchors, posts or braces. If you suspect that your foundation cracks are serious, you should consider getting an inspection to determine the severity of the problem. Doing so keeps your structure and family protected.

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