foundation contractorsAs a San Antonio homeowner, you should never neglect the foundation of your home. Slab repair can be very expensive and very inconvenient. Problems are caused by many factors, including draining issues, leaks in your plumbing, poor construction, and even tree roots. It is up to the homeowner to be diligent in trying to protect the foundation. Here are some common tips from foundation contractors that will help prevent problems and avoid things like slab repair.


Put Your Sprinklers on a Timer

Water and moisture can have a massive impact on the foundation of your home. Use sprinklers to keep your soil moist, especially during hot and dry months. Use a timer to water at dusk and dawn every day. That means that you will not even have to think about it most days. You only have to set the timer and let the sprinklers do their work.

Drain Water Away from Your Home

If water collects near the foundation, it causes the soil to expand. This expansion will put pressure on your foundation which will cause cracking, leading to slab repair. Ideally, your home is set on a slight grade. If it isn’t then you can have ground drains installed to keep water from building up and draining it away from the exterior. A proper downspout system will also control rainwater by ejecting away from the house.

Proper Grading

Not all homes are built on little hills that will help gravity direct water away from the home. You may need to alter the landscaping so that it is graded. Usually, grading around 6 inches in 10 feet of soil will do the trick. This, along with good draining, will help prevent water from pooling at the base of your wall. Foundation contractors will tell you that a good grade is not only needed in school.

Keep Plants and Shrubs Away from Your Home

foundation contractorsNot only is too much moisture bad for your foundation, but too little is as well. If the soil is too dry and contracts, it will not provide enough support to the foundation. Trees, shrubs, and plants can compete with the soil for moisture, causing it to dry out. In the dry months, this can be especially disastrous. Plant your trees and shrubs away from the house where they will not compete with the soil around the foundation.


Monitor Moisture Levels

Since moisture is so important, you should always monitor levels around the exterior of your home. This is especially true during dry months. The sprinklers you’ve set up will keep things moist for most of the year, but when it is very hot and dry, you may need to add some moisture to keep it wet. You can also install rock beds, which will help with absorption.

Have Foundation Contractors Embed the Foundation

When your foundation is installed or repaired, it can be embedded to provide optimal support from the soil. It can be embedded up to 2 inches from the top of the slab. Compacted soil will keep things nice and tight. You can also use mulch. You do not want to go through the process of slab repair if you don’t have to, so make sure your foundation is supported.

Despite being the strong base of your home, the foundation can still use some protection. Follow these tips from foundation contractors to protect your foundation and avoid costly repairs.

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