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Walk me through the process of house leveling

Older homes or structures on poor soil in the San Antonio area will often have foundation problems over time. Homeowners might find cracks developing in the walls or notice windows that won’t close with ease. When repairing foundation is necessary, homeowners should understand how their property will be fixed. The house leveling process is a complex service, but the concept behind it is very simple. Virtually walk through this leveling process in order to understand the investment in your property.

Preparing the Access Points for house leveling

Contractors who are repairing foundation require access into the ground as they perform this procedure. They’ll normally dig relatively small holes into the ground along the exterior of the home. In some cases, interior access might be necessary. The contractor will discuss their access points well before they perform the work. These excavated areas allow the workers to place their leveling tools under the home.

Adding the Jacks or Piers

With clear access points, the contractors add piers or jacks to the spaces. These tools will often look like oversized car jacks that people use to change a tire. These piers have a more heavy-duty application, however. Repairing foundation procedures mean that thousands of pounds must be lifted in the form of the structure itself. Multiple piers must be used in order to safely lift the home based on its size and weight.

Aligning the Home

As each pier is positioned for house leveling the contractors verify that it’s aligned with the structure’s foundation or beams. Each structure has a unique design to its base, and the contracting company must use these facts to their advantage. When they press on the right structural element, the home can be quickly leveled.

Lifting the Structure

The last step during a house-lift procedure is slowly raising the piers. Contractors use several strategies during this process so that the home is safely raised without any further damages. The piers are normally lifted at the same time, but there may be some jacks that are raised slightly more than others. The home is almost instantly level at this point.

Before the contractors arrive at the property, move as many items from the yard as possible. Plants, patio furniture and other items should be moved out of the way so the workers can begin the house leveling procedure. With the right preparation, a property in San Antonio can be quickly repaired and returned to its normal, level design.

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