Did you know your home’s foundation can be drastically affected by the weather, specifically the amount of rainfall?

If there is a lack of rainfall for and extended period of time the ground surrounding your house foundation can loose the support of the dirt around it which can cause the foundation to crack and give.

Once rainfall has occurred the same dry ground can expand like a sponge and provide support to a cracked foundation that makes it appear as if there isn’t much of a problem.  If you don’t have the experience from the right San Antonio foundation repair companies, you could be in for a rude awakening.

Listen to registered professional engineer, Ernie Arredondo explain the importance of having the right foundation repair companies understand the impact weather has on proper house leveling.

Knowing how to repair foundation problems in a drought or in moderate to heavy rainfall requires an experienced licensed engineer, not a technician or contractor.  If you get the wrong assessment because of inexperience, you could be looking at thousands of dollars out of your pocket, while stuck with a faulty foundation.

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