foundation repair costs

What is the break-down of foundation repair costs

A San Antonio home may have stood for many decades as it’s passed down through the generations. However, it might have a few structural elements that are suffering the effects of time or wear. Foundations are the base for any structure, and they can break down over time. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand the cost breakdown of a foundation repair before agreeing to any services.

Engineer Evaluations

There is no overall price for foundation repair costs. Each home settles in distinct ways that must be evaluated by professionals. Two engineers are necessary on any potential house leveling project, including structural and geotechnical professionals. The structural engineer evaluates the physical home while the geotechnical professional looks at the soil components involved in the shifting. These professionals create a report that the contractors can use during their accurate estimations on each property.

Obtaining the Building Permit

One cost that’s relatively fixed is the building permit. When a contractor and homeowner agree on an overall cost and strategy for the building, all of the work requires a permit. Typically, the contractor seeks out the permit with local officials. They explain the work to be done on the home, and city officials might visit the property in order to confirm the information. Every permit has a set price once the city approves of the proposed repairs.

Hidden Obstacle Considerations

Foundation repair costs also depend on any structural anomalies that are hidden within the property. As contractors dig into the ground, they might find unusual footings that require extra labor for removal or repair. Tree roots, amateur repairs and other hidden problems will increase the estimate on the house leveling cost.

Piering and Slabjacking

Homeowners will normally hear about two different foundation leveling strategies, such as piering or slabjacking. Piering involves adding strategic columns underneath the home in order to shore it up. In contrast, slabjacking is a process where a grout substance is injected under the home so that the structure remains at a level keel.

House leveling can require a large investment that ranges from $500 to more than $10,000, depending on the damage. Homeowners should work with several contractors before agreeing to any repairs. Receiving several estimates for foundation repair costs gives the homeowner a good idea of the fairest deal. In the end, the structure will have a solid base for years of reliable comfort.

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