house levelingThere are many emotions that a homeowner might go through from the moment they find out they need house leveling. Fear, frustration, and being overwhelmed are some of the biggest. Foundation problems are frightening because they mean the very thing that holds your home up is unsteady and weakened. House leveling will help strengthen that base and keep your home standing. To reduce some of those feelings of anxiety, here is what foundation repair companies will tell you to expect when going through the house leveling process.

House Leveling Primer

House leveling quite literally involves lifting your house up so that it is level. This is done to stabilize and support the foundation. When the house is leveled, then foundation repair companies can get to work on fixing whatever issues is causing the foundation problems in the first place. There are several methods that foundation repair companies can use to level a home.

Reasons Your Home Might Need Leveling

There are several problems that you might be having with your foundation that could lead to the need for house leveling. For one, you might notice your floors are uneven or even sagging. You may even notice your home seems to be sinking. This can be caused by tree roots intruding under your home, pipes that are leaking under the slab, soil that is eroding your foundation, or some kind of structural issue with the home.

Foundation problems can happen to any kind of foundation, and it is vital to get the problems fixed as soon as possible. If a problem is left too long, then the structural integrity of the home gets more at risk as time goes on. Sometimes, it may be that a house is leaning because the soil has changed, and house leveling is all that is needed. In other cases, an additional repair is required.

The Procedure

Foundation repair companies have several methods for leveling homes. There are a few factors that must be considered before choosing one. For one, if the home has a crawl space, then a chemical is used to stabilize the soil under the house. They can also use braces and rods to support any piers that are already in place. Pier and beam foundations need steel i-beams to stabilize beams that may have been compromised. This will level the girders and the joist with newer materials with more modern designs. To level a home with a slab foundation, they will use piers to stabilize. In Texas, it is often the soil expanding and contracting through temperature fluctuations that cause the damage to the foundation. Piers will hold up the home while the soil can be dealt with.

Choosing the Right Company

The foundation is quite literally what is holding your home up. You don’t want to take the repair of such an important component of your house lightly. You will want a company that is reliable and professional, so you can be confident the job is being done right. House leveling is a complicated process that gets more complicated depending on what has caused the damage. Make sure to ask questions and be satisfied with the answers you get. While foundation repair can be costly, you do not necessarily want the company that offers the cheapest rate. Contact Arredondo in San Antonio today to discuss your foundation repair options.

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